Signs You Have a Cavity

Could you have a cavity? If so, it’s time to make an appointment to visit the dentist for treatment before you sustain dental problems that haunt you for the rest of your life. The dentist has several treatment options, but the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more difficulty it causes in treating the cavity. A cavity is a small hole or opening in the tooth caused by tooth decay. It is the most common type of oral health issues people suffer from today. This includes kids and adults.  A cavity is caused by many factors, including bacteria that form in the form, snacks and sugary drinks, improper oral health, and other similar issues. There are many ways to prevent cavities and it’s essential that you take stride to keep your mouth healthy.

A cavity won’t hide very long and you’ll quickly know that there is a problem. Many signs indicate that you have a cavity. Those signs include:

·    Tooth sensitivity

·    Trouble eating hard foods

·    Toothache

·    Spontaneous tooth pain

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·    Holes or pits in the teeth

·    Brown, black, or white staining on teeth

·    Pain when biting down

If you experience any of the signs of a cavity above, schedule an appointment with your dentist. This is not a complete list of signs that you have a cavity, but is some of the most common symptoms that an individual experiences. The issues progress if not treated in a timely manner. Do not wait until it’s time for a regular exam.  You want to diminish the toothaches/tooth pain and treat the cavity as soon as possible. Most dentists use cavity filling van nuys ca to treat the problem but if you do not make an appointment at the first sign of trouble, this may not be a viable option.